Veterans, VetFran, and BurgerIM

Franchise Opportunities are Available

The men and women who serve in the military literally lay it on the line every single day of their professional career. While they’re in the military, they have the most important job in the world and they are extremely good at it.

The challenge many veterans face once they leave the military is what to do with all the knowledge and skills they developed while in the service. They find themselves wondering what they’ll do with the rest of their life.
If you’re a veteran who has been considering franchise opportunities as a possible career path, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that approximately 66,000 current operational franchises are owned by veterans.
Many find that becoming a franchisee is the perfect career choice for them. Many connect with franchisors like BurgerIM through the VetFran program.

What is VetFran?

VetFran was started following the Gulf War to help returning veterans adapt to civilian life. Following the events of September 11, new life was breathed into VetFran, courtesy of the International Franchising Association. From the beginning, VetFran’s purpose was to help match veterans with promising franchising opportunities such as BurgerIM which not only allows veterans to utilize the leadership skills they honed during their years in the military, but also have an exciting career path.
VetFran currently has a network of more than 650 different franchises and works closely with veterans to help them select the franchisor that best matches the veteran’s personal interests and long-term goals.

Why Veterans and BurgerIM go Well Together

There are multiple reasons why so many veterans are becoming a part of the BurgerIM franchise.

The Ability to be Their Own Boss

It’s not uncommon for veterans to look for business opportunities that allow them a high degree of independence. During their time in the military they learned to become decision makers and leaders and BurgerIM’s franchise opportunities provides veterans with the chance to use those skills and create a successful business.
Yes, the veterans must adhere to the business plan created by BurgerIM, but the veteran is completely responsible for the day to day business operations, many major business decisions, and enjoy being the face of the location. Owning a BurgerIM location gives the veteran the entrepreneurship credits needed to sit on local commerce boards and make decisions for the community.

BurgerIM is a Structured Business

Veterans spent the early part of their career in a very structured environment. Many have a difficult time adjusting to the chaos connected to starting a new business. Franchises like BurgerIM provide the perfect solution. The business plan is structured and makes sense.  Even more importantly it’s a successful program.

BurgerIM’s Provides Veterans with an Opportunity to Work with Bright Young Minds

Leadership skills are heavily emphasized in the military community. Most veterans love to instill those skills in todays young people. Owning a BurgerIM location allows veterans to do just that. It doesn’t take long before the work crew is looking up to the veteran and trying to mirror their personality. It’s not uncommon for young BurgerIM employees to approach the veteran for career advice when they themselves are ready to embark on a new adventure.
The mentorship aspects of owning a BurgerIM location gives many veterans a sense of pride, purpose, and accomplishment.

What BurgerIM Offers Veterans

BurgerIM loves working with franchisees that are also veterans. In addition to being one of the franchises that works with VetFran, BurgerIM also offers veterans a 10% discount on their fees.
Veterans who become BurgerIM franshiees are pleased that the franchisor works closely with them as they work to set up the new location and continues to take an active interest in the location once it’s up and running.
Before the veteran’s BurgerIM location opens, the franchisor provides the veteran with:
·      Extensive and high-quality training that’s designed to help them handle every single challenge that arises
·      Assistance with how to select ideal employees
·      Employee training assistance
·      Contacting and arranging contracts with various suppliers who meet BurgerIM’s high standards
·      Project management assistance
·      Continual support and management assistance when needed
BurgerIM is a legit franchise opportunity that is recognized by both VetFran and the International Franchising Association. Franchise Grade collected data that shows BurgerIM is looking for franchisee’s who have solid leadership skill and are interested in a 10-year initial term followed by a 10-year renewal. Franchise Grade also discovered that BurgerIM’s 5% royalty is a full 1% lower than the average MTG royalty.
If you’re a veteran who thinks BurgerIM is a good franchising opportunity for you, contact either VetFran or BurgerIM to learn more!