The Time to Take Advantage of Franchise Opportunities is Now!

If you have even considered getting involved in a franchise, now is the time to do so. Franchises are performing better than ever.
franchise opportunities

Franchise or Start Your Own Business

The first question people ask themselves is whether they should become involved in a successful franchise or if they should build a business from scratch. There are pros and cons to both options.
The benefits of starting your own business include:
·       Pride of ownership
·       You get to make all the decisions for the business
·       You get to establish a brand image and find a niche market
The benefits of deciding to take advantage of a franchise opportunity include:
·       The franchise organization handles all marketing and branding
·       You have the support of a large and successful business
·       Many franchises offer help with financing
·       A business plan is already in place
·       Franchise owner training is often available
The cons of starting your own business from scratch include:
·       It’s often extremely difficult to procure financing
·       Small businesses have an extremely high failure rate
·       There’s no one you can turn to for support or guidance
·       Creating the right brand image and handling the business’s marketing needs is difficult
·       No one is familiar with the business or you when you’re getting started
The downsides connected to franchise opportunities include:
·       The initial investment is often high, particularly if you’re considering a well-known franchise
·       You’re locked into branding, inventory, and marketing
·       The franchise market is extremely competitive
·       You don’t always get as much freedom to choose your location as you’d like
Despite the sometimes restrictive nature of franchises, most of the people who have invested in them are not only happy with their decision, many quickly invest in additional locations.

Why Now is a Great Time to Take Advantage of Franchise Opportunities

There’s no time like the present to take advantage of a franchise opportunity. The economy is really good which always increases the amount of time and money consumers are willing to invest in franchises. The fact that the economy is going strong has also helped many franchise organizations to decide that now is a great time to expand. There are currently several different franchises actively seeking investors. The desire to expand means they’re willing to work closely with you to help with financing and might even be willing to negotiate on some franchise fees. 
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Another reason now is a great time to take advantage of available franchise opportunities is that you have the potential to get a great ROI. Approximately 30% of current franchise location owners report earning an excess of $100,000 annually.
Which 2019 franchise opportunities are you considering?